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Since our establishment in 1963, Nippon Fruehauf developed products from cutting-edge technologies while always placing importance on listening to the voice of customers and has walked together with customers as a leader in the field of transport equipment.

However, major changes in the transport industry in recent years have resulted in strong demands for us to provide products not only for carrying goods but also for meeting the higher demands of our customers. There is strong demand for eco-friendly, high-value added products, which are essential for protecting and transporting the valuable assets of our customers, as well as for further improving transport quality and efficiency, reducing the load on drivers, and ensuring safety and security.

Nippon Fruehauf will continue to improve and meet the needs of customers. We will continue to grow with the satisfaction of customers with the aim of becoming a company that contributes to the environment and society with our top priority as a corporate group that continues to meet customer requests for the future.

"Beyond delivering our thoughts and products"
"Fruehauf brings smiles by looking one step ahead to create transport space."

We would like to ask for your continued support for us, as we renew our commitment to these two thoughts.

Hiroyasu Hiruma,
President and Representative Director

Fruehauf's Thoughts

Fruehauf's Thoughts

Message to our customers

Beyond delivering our thoughts and products

We have continued and will continue to share our thoughts together with the thoughts of shippers, shipping companies, drivers, and the people who receive cargos.

This is how we want to be.

Fruehauf brings smiles by looking one step ahead to create transport space.

We look one step ahead from creating the transport space to carry goods.
To create a better future, to make people smile, and to continue to be an indispensable part of the world, we share our thoughts and deliver products for the future.