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You can see the latest information on various initiatives of The Nippon Fruehauf Group.

  • Products


    Introducing our wide product lineup developed to meet our customer needs and supporting the transport fields.

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  • After-Sales Service

    After-Sales Service

    Satisfying the needs of our customers through a network of seven directly managed plants and more than 200 designated service plants in Japan.

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  • Customers’ Voices

    Customers’ Voices

    Introducing our products, which we have created together with our customers, with their voices.

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  • Manufacturing


    The hito-zukuri, human resource development, cultivated through our long history and experience supports the mono-zukuri, manufacturing, of Nippon Fruehauf. The hito-zukuri leads to safety and quality, giving us the power to give shape to our customers’ thoughts.

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  • Corporate Information

    Corporate Information

    Introducing our company profile and our thoughts to let you know about Nippon Fruehauf.

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  • Towards a sustainable society

    Fruehauf in your town

    Fruehauf is always close to you. It is playing an active role in various places in your town.

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 Fruehauf brings smiles by looking one step ahead for creating transport space.

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