Our history

Our history

July: Fruehauf Mahajak Co., Ltd. is established in Nongchok, Bangkok to promote truck body operations in Thailand through a 70 percent stake in a truck body manufacturer that is part of Mahajak Group Co., Ltd., a local conglomerate
May: Fruehauf Kyushu Co., Ltd. acquires ISO 14001 certification, meaning all manufacturing sites are now certified
October: Ceremony marking the fiftieth anniversary of our foundation
October: Shandong Conglin Fruehauf Automobile Co., Ltd. is established in Longkou, Shandong Province to manufacture and sell trailers in China through a joint venture with Conglin Group Co., Ltd., Itochu (China) Holding Co., Ltd., Itochu Metals Corporation, and Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd.
July: Established Fruehauf Service Ltd. Iwate Plant
July: Established Fruehauf Service Ltd. Ibaraki Plant
September: Released aluminum-wing-body M Series.
December: Released manual telescopic ISO20/40 foot container chassis trailer
December: Released aluminum-wing-body New M Series
April: Upgraded the production equipment at Fruehauf Kyushu Ltd.
October: Presented JR31 wing-body container at Tokyo Motor Show
June: Changed shareholding ratio of Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd. and Isuzu Motors Limited
July: Started overseas operation preparatory office and established Trailer Department
October: Ceremony marking the fortieth anniversary of our foundation
Slide-bolster lift
Telescopic lift structure speeded up unloading This product also took advantage of our proprietary technology
November: Head Office and Atsugi Plant obtained ISO14001 certification
May: Moved Head Office to Atsugi-shi Kanagawa
December: Changed shareholding ratio of Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd. and Isuzu Motors Limited
Center axle full-trailer
An innovative product that enables drivers without high-level skills required for driving full trailers to steer full trailers like semi-trailers
February: Head Office and Atsugi Plant obtained lS09001 certification
April: Bought Nippon Fruehauf Sales Ltd. Moved Head Office to Yokohama-shi Kanagawa
May: Built electrodeposition part coating booth at Atsugi Plant
May: Started Tama Branch
July: Built finished-car coating booth at Atsugi Plant
April: Established Fruehauf Service Atsugi Ltd.
June: Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd. acquired all shares Fruehauf International Ltd. held
December: Made Ibaraki Plant an independent company (Fruehauf Ibaraki Ltd.)
August: Made Shiga Plant an independent company (Fruehauf Shiga Ltd.)
July: Established Fruehauf Kyushu Ltd. through the merger of Kyushu Plant and Kyushu Fruehauf Auto Body Ltd.
October: Established Fruehauf Auto Body Ltd., Fruehauf Okayama Ltd. and Fruehauf Hokkaido Ltd. through the integration of plants, offices, etc.
January: Established Okayama Plant
February: Established Okayama Fruehauf Auto Body Ltd..
June: Established Fruehauf Container Service Ltd.
October: Established Kyushu Fruehauf Auto Body Ltd.
June: Completed Shiga Plant
October: Fruehauf international conference was held in Japan
May: Held the first Festival of Roses
July: Established Hokkaido Fruehauf Ltd.
October: Established Nippon Fruehauf Sales Ltd. through the merger of Eastern Fruehauf Ltd. and Western Fruehauf Ltd. Sales Department
March: Established Keihin Container Service Center in Yokohama
Full-gate lifter
This series of products revolutionized the cargo section of trucks—considered our best product
August: Started Kobe Container Service
June: Moved Head Office organization to Atsugi Completed finished-car assembly line at Nakatsu Second Plant
September: Completed refrigerator car plant at Atsugi Plant
March: Acquired factory site in Kose-cho, Koka-gun, Shiga Prefecture
Airfreight containers
A product line that began with dry van trucks takes to the sea and then the air, completing our full lineup for land, sea and air
January: Airfreight container manufacturing and sales commence
July: Fruehauf Panel Co., Ltd. established
April: Fruehauf Industries Co., Ltd. established
June: Fruehauf Steel Industries Co. Ltd. established
August: Constant temperature lab completed at Atsugi plant
November: Ishioka plant completed
December: Eastern Fruehauf Ltd. and Western Fruehauf Ltd. established
November: Headquarters offices are moved from the Nikkei Building in Ginza to the Kowa Building in Kanda, and a materials management warehouse is built at the Atsugi plant
March: Our Osaka service plant is completed, and a dedicated plant for refrigerator and freezer trucks is built at the Atsugi plant
September: Facilities for manufacturing van body kits are added to the Atsugi plant
September: Test lab building (laboratory wing) completed
May: Container line number 2 completed
July: Fruehauf Auto Body Co., Ltd. established
Wing trailer debuts as a laborsaving transport ace, with Nippon Fruehauf owning the basic patent
Third phase of Atsugi plant construction (fitting out hall and welding area) completed
Maritime containers
Our total global share of dry containers and reefers (refrigerated containers) was over half
September: Atsugi plant adds maritime container production equipment
August: Fruehauf International Ltd. takes an equity stake
Dry van trailers
We complete Japan’s first dry van trailer in August, foretelling the advent of an era of high-volume rapid shipping in tandem with road network construction
Refrigerated trucks
Completed before the establishment of a cold chain. Along with dry van trailers, it demonstrates the sophistication of Nippon Fruehauf’s technical capabilities to the domestic market
October: First time to exhibit at the Tokyo Motor Show (Twelfth Tokyo Motor Show)
September: First phase of Atsugi plant construction at an inland industrial park in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture completed
First order received in October. Since the Atsugi plant was still under construction, thirty-four vehicles were produced at Nikkei Aluminum’s plant in Tokyo
October: Our company is launched when Nippon Light Metal and Isuzu Motors Ltd. take 50-50 shares and incorporate technology from Fruehauf Corporation of the U.S.

Trailer history

The first trailer was built by a blacksmith

In 1914, August C. Fruehauf, a blacksmith on Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, worked with his craftspeople to create the first trailer from a Model T Ford car (1911 model).
It became the key precursor to the trailers that play such an important role in freight transportation in the United States.
Blacksmith and craftspeople of the old days racked their brains to create the first Fruehauf trailer in response to the request of a customer wanting to move a boat to a lake. Out of this, Fruehauf America was founded in 1918. It is truly a company that started with the invention of the trailer.

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